Dear environmental atheists,

Seeing as how we humans are simply randomly, and therefore purposelessly, evolved parasites from an equally random and purposeless puddle of primordial goo, I can’t help but be baffled at those humans who suffer from the irrational, illogical nonsense known as guilt for subsequent destruction and havoc wreaked upon the earth by our parasitic tendencies.

Where does this arrogant moral sense of obligation come from anyway?

I suppose we could argue that it is yet another randomly evolved trait stemming from our innate, primitive drive for survival which urges us to take up the task of saving the earth from ourselves. But why drag in the intangible such as guilt and ethics and morals, and above all, obligation? And who ever heard of a parasite “saving” its host? Sure, it probably doesn’t seek to suck all the life out of its environment, but a parasite never has its host’s best interest at heart.

Although far from agreeing with them, I find it a refreshing change sometimes  to hear the intellectually honest views of nihilists and anarchists. At least they do not try to make me feel guilty for being a tapeworm.

Anurag A. Agrawal, in an article for Earth Day, writes:

Humans are parasites, and parasitism is an integral part of nature. There is nothing dirty, evil, or intrinsically negative about parasites. Remember, though, that the best parasites keep their hosts alive: a parasite without a host is a predator with no more food. Curiously, humans seem bent on destroying the Earth, our host. Do we simply exploit our host out of need?

I’m blaming it on the earth for “giving birth” to us in the first place. But then again, that was random, so let’s blame all this stupidity on randomness.

We are but one of the millions of evolutionarily fine-tuned works of random biotic art, and I will argue that what distinguishes us from other species is not that we are unnatural in our destructive tendencies, but that as a species we are falling prey to unguided freedom.

Oh, wait. We are on this earth thanks to the unguided freedom of nature (random, purposeless evolution, after all), and yet now we are “falling prey” to unguided freedom.  Makes perfect sense.

And the grand finale:

Human extinction in the next 1,000 years will not be due to fate. Plainly, we will have overexploited to our own demise. At this point nature can no longer fine-tune us (read, evolve us) to be any better, more responsible nectar-robbers — that is up to the inventors, engineers, and educators.

And now we have to fight the evolutionary processes that made us the way we are in order to continue our purposeless existence. Because….why?  From this point of view, it appears that the only driving motive for taking care of the environment is to further the survival of the parasite itself.  Woo-hoo.  Real motivating.

Oh well.  Maybe something will randomly evolve to challenge our existence and “put us in our place” (whatever that may be).


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