Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live: A Little Knowledge in the Hands of Fools

As evidenced by reports of tortured and murdered children in Nigeria, it looks like a medieval witch-hunt is taking place in the name of Christianity.

Taking a passage (likely from the KJV) of the Torah, evangelical pastors are condeming vulnerable children of witchcraft and demon possession, and then they encourage (or participate in) horrific methods of exorcision and/or execution, many times charging exhorbitant fees for the “service.”

The sheer stupidity and evil perpetuating this practice is enough to make one weep in horror and frustration. For one thing, Biblical accounts of exorcisms never involved pouring acid down a child’s throat or drilling holes in someone’s skull. Secondly, pastors do not have the legal authority to condemn someone of witchcraft or demon possession and then attempt an exorcism or execution. Thirdly, violating God’s law is NEVER permitted even if a Christian sincerely believes someone is a witch.

Love your neighbor as yourself…

Do unto others as you would have done to you.

Ring a bell?

Sorcery and necromancy are condemned in several places in the Bible. Foolishness and lawlessness (sin), however, are condemned all over the place and often times far more vehemently. Such pastors who “find and exorcise” faux demons are wolves in sheep’s clothing, senseless shepherds, and the blind leading the blind.


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