Where do atheists get morality?

I read an interesting article today about the sources of atheist morality. The foundation of the author’s argument was that

the principle of morality is empathy.

I’m no philosopher, but even I could see that lame statement for what it was. Empathy (or the human conscience) is what helps us to know morality. It is not the source of it. That would be like saying the principle of suffering is the nervous system.

Empathy is an inherently subjective emotion.

Therefore, a morality based on empathy is relative to the subjective emotions of the individual.

And then he mentions “enlightened self-interest.” In other words, selfishness that has the secondary effect of benefiting others.

He also brings up the “Golden Rule.” Never mind that this is originally found in RELIGIONS. He calls this rule “essentially satisfying.” I suppose it is, unless one has a fondness for abuse…..Sadomasochism comes to mind.

Now, I did find the Categorical Imperative to be an interesting idea. This is especially useful if you want to prove that abortion or homosexual relationships are wrong: Imagine if everyone practiced homosexuality or if everyone aborted their babies?

And then there’s humanism–Humanity is God, in other words. It’s all about humans trying to figure out what is best for humans. If humanists are smart, they’d be traditional conservatives.

Seriously, what the heck is the point of humanism except ensuring the survival of the human race as a species? We humans randomly evolved from a purposeless puddle of muck, and now all of a sudden we have to have a purpose?

Humanism is a religion with humans as its God. It is made-up, flawed, and inherently shallow. Humanism involves humans trying to fight man’s inherently selfish, wicked nature with…man’s inherently selfish, wicked nature. Yeah, we’ll see how long humanity survives on that one.

The author concludes with the following “profound” statement:

No matter what your reasons for choosing a particular moral stand, you should always remember that no morals are absolute, and that you always have a choice.

Well, what if I choose shari’a law?

All this article has done is to further the argument that atheism promotes moral relativism.


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