Dave Gaubetz on “Muslim Mafia” and CAIR

I’m pissed off I missed Pamela Geller‘s discussion with Wafa Sultan, but I did manage to catch her interview with Dave Gaubetz, one of the authors of Muslim Mafia. Except for an article about four congress members demanding an investigation, the mainstream media isn’t touching this book with a ten-foot pole.

Dave Gaubetz has amazing credentials and experience in counter-terrorism. He describes the goal of jihadists: to attack the heart of the American people: their children. According to Gaubetz, the most damning information in his new book is CAIR’s infiltration of our Senate, Congress, congressional offices, and law enforcement departments. CAIR targets senior leaders of counter-terrorist groups and directors/supervisors of law enforcement departments which makes it very hard for investigators to open cases on Muslims because they are afraid to get sued by CAIR. Despite a low membership, CAIR’s big public relations “machine” is financed by Saudi “interfaced media.”

CAIR asked Gaubetz’s son Chris, who was working undercover, to shred documents regarding national security, money received from Saudi Arabia, and other criminal issues. Of course, he didn’t and instead has published them in this new book. According to Gaubetz, whether law enforcement directors and supervisors want to or not, now they have to investigate thanks to the information uncovered. In fact, Gaubetz is meeting with law enforcement this week.

Gaubetz described CAIR’s motive/objective to be the Islamization of the West. CAIR distributes Maududi’s writings and other terrorist/jihadist writings. Gaubetz stated that when it comes to shari’a law: It is all or nothing.

Apparently a lot of Muslims and mosques in the West do not want to be associated with CAIR and since the public announcement about the book, Gaubetz has been receiving calls and sworn affadavits from Muslims about the group. CAIR only picks cases that get them PR attention and many times demand up to 50% from lawsuit winnings! So, no surprise there that CAIR is currently representing Rifqa Bary’s parents!

One caller asked Gaubetz what he thought the legal fall-out would be for congressmen involved with CAIR. He was specifically referring to Andre Carson, Larry Shaw, and Keith Ellison. What was news to me was that Ellison’s hajj was paid for (over $13,000) by the Muslim American Society of Minnesota! The MAS was founded by the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD! According to Gaubetz, nothing goes on at CAIR that Carson, Shaw, and Ellison don’t know about.

CAIR distributes a lot of violent Islamic materials to prisoners…apparently violent criminals make great recruits for the mujahideen! Why are prisons allowing this stuff to be distributed within their walls?! Do they really want to have their violent criminals radicalized?! Also, CAIR provides safe havens, many times within mosques, for illegal immigrants because they’ve got law enforcement cowaring in fear — afraid to upset Muslims’ sentiments by investigating mosques!

Another listener called with concerns about Pennsylvania which has apparently been heavily targeted by CAIR and related groups. The caller reported that they frequently hold seminars like “Understanding Islam” and “Islam 101,” and they invite churches and schools to attend. In Villanova, apparently schools have been visiting mosques!

Gaubetz advises PA residents to take the documents included in his book to their elected officials and ask them “What are you going to do about this?”

Oh, and check out the propoganda discovered in history textbooks in the American public school system! Also, read Islam in the Classroom: What the Textbooks Tell Us by Gilbert T. Sewall of the American Textbook Council!


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