The Causes of Islamic Extremism…(but it’s not Islam, folks!)

I came across an interesting article in The Washington Times on Monday regarding the Nigerian man who attempted to detonate a bomb on a flight over the United States on Christmas day.

The Agence France Presse journalist Aminu Abubakar included quotes from northern Nigeria rights activist Shehu Sani, an agent for Asian and Middle Eastern educational institutions–Mohammad Hassan, and Ibrahim Datti Ahmad (see photo and info below) of the Islamic pressure group, Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigera. The Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigera sought the release of suspected Al-Qaeda members back in 2007.


In August 2001 Ibrahim Datti Ahmed, speaking on behalf of the Supreme Council of Sharia Law, publicly said that the SCSN would avenge the killing of northerners in clashes which had taken place in southern states. In October 2001, in the northern city of Kano, hundreds of people were killed by Muslim rioters, apparently inspired by Datti Ahmed. Most of the victims were either southern Nigerians or Christians. Datti Ahmed is a fundamentalist who complained in 2002 that apart from the states of Sokoto, Niger and Zamfara, the northern states which had introduced Sharia were not committed enough to its rigid implementation.

In 2003, Ibrahim Datti Ahmed had deliberately sabotaged the Nigerian operations of the World Health Organization’s strategy to rid the world of polio. He had claimed that there were “documents” that showed that the United States had since 1975 been implementing a campaign to reduce the populations of Muslims and Africans. He claimed that hormones had been added to tetanus vaccines, and suggested that polio vaccines were similarly designed to make Nigerians sterile.

Ahmed had said: “The council (SCSN) harbors strong reservations on the safety of our population not least because of our recent experience in the Pfizer scandal, when our people were used as guinea pigs with the approval of the federal ministry of health and the approval of all the relevant UN agencies.” His unsubstantiated claims that the polio vaccines were designed to make recipients sterile led to the suspension of the polio campaign. Soon, Muslim clerics in India followed Datti Ahmed’s lead and poliomyelitis, a disease that could have been eradicated, had not only shown no signs of disappearing, but it had returned to countries from which it had been eradicated (Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia, Angola, Mali, Cameroon, Chad and Eritrea). In 2007 a Pakistani cleric, following Ahmed’s position, sabotaged local polio vaccination campaigns.

In 2004 after the Nigerian “Taliban” under the leadership of Aminu Tashen-Ilimi had rampaged and killed policemen in their first, highly publicized insurgency, Ibrahim Datti Ahmad refuused to condemn the Jihadists. He said of the rebels: “These are very sophisticated youth. They are not just the trash that is in government. I can understand why they did it. I’m not in a position to say whether I support it or not, but they must have their reasons.”

Ibrahim Datti Ahmad still leads the Supreme Council of Sharia Law. He still appears to support acts of terrorism carried out by Islamists.

(From the article “Exclusive: Islamists on the Rampage in Nigeria” by Adrian Morgan on July 28, 2009 for

Shehu Sani is a neighbor to the bomber’s family and the author of the satirical play ‘The Phantom Crescent’ which was banned by an Islamic court in Nigeria’s northern Kaduna state.

He stated:

It is a Catch-22 situation. While young men who study in the West imbibe a world outlook and dispositions deemed abhorrent by traditional northern Muslim society, those sent to Asia and the Middle East stand the risk of indoctrination with religious extremism…

Whatever religious views he held while studying in the U.K., Farouk did not get the crazy idea of bombing a plane until he went to the Middle East for further study.

He also said that the favored destinations for an Islamic education are Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In other words, violent Islamic jihad is stemming from the heart of the Islamic world and the birthplace of Islam itself: the Middle East.

Mohammad Hassan, an agent for Islamic schools, stated:

Such schools are cheaper and are of high standard compared to those in the West. The children are also insulated from the moral perversion they inculcate when they study in Europe or America.

However, the most incredible statement came from Ibrahim Datti Ahmad who put the blame on unemployment in Nigeria’s north for pushing young Muslims toward radical Islam:

Young men from wealthy homes get attracted to extreme religious views out of frustration due to idleness because they can’t secure decent jobs that befit their status after graduating from university.

Did you get that?

Wealthy young men are attracted to extreme Islam because they are bored and can’t find jobs that ‘befit their status.’


And at the same time, the former national police commissioner Abubakar Tsav said:

There is pervading poverty in Nigeria especially in the north – which is pushing a lot of young impressionable minds to religious extremism.

Oddly enough, in November The Telegraph reported that it is a lack of basic education that fuels rises in Taliban recruitment and extremism in Pakistan.

So, poverty leads to extremism. Wealth leads to extremism. Lack of a basic education leads to extremism. University educations lead to extremism. Boredom leads to extremism. Unemployment leads to extremism.

Well, glad to know that we’ve narrowed down the problem, folks.  Thank God the liberals are in charge of our national defense, eh?


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