Beheading and Football

For a long time in my spiritual journey I carried a sense of horror and even guilt when I thought about the tribes God ordered to be eradicated in the Old Testament stories.  I couldn’t imagine why God would ever want a tribe to be erased from the face of the earth.  ‘What about the women and children?’ I’d always think.

And then I realized sometimes there is no cure for a culture of violence, torture, and depravity.  No amount of charity and outreach will stop their pursuit of death and destruction–their faith of hatred.  And sometimes, just as with the flood, humans must be destroyed and we have to start all over again.  Am I advocating genocide?  No.  But what I am doing is coming to an understanding with God.  I think I am beginning to understand why the story of the flood was written and the stories about the Amorites and Amalekites and others.

I came across this video on Atlas Shrugs.  The person who sent in the video had this to say:

I have little hope. Afghanistan is hell. Plain and simple. Gehenum. Our objective is to make sure this doesn’t spread as this video will be made in Europe in less than a generation. As Ilan Halimi clearly demonstrated. Some of his killers were 14. And they, unlike this little demon, did not grow up in mud huts never having seen a book or a normal life. They lived the middle class life of urban and suburban France. And look what they did.  I am sorry to say, my gut instinct is not one of “poor kid” yadi yada. But that we must bomb them, including their children if they happen to be in one of those madrassas and kill as many of them as possible as that is what this is. A war on infection. Even as it keeps on coming back, you must kill it and keep killing it. Perhaps by luck you will once kill the “queen bee” so to speak but until then and during, it is plain arithmetic…

I made my husband watch the video since I didn’t think I’d have the stomach for it.  Since he had watched the video of Daniel Pearl’s murder some time ago, I felt that he could handle this one.  I was in the kitchen washing dishes when I heard him burst out, “What the f*ck?!”  When it was finished he went back to his Xbox football game.  (I love men!  This is why Navy SEALs are males.) 

“Did it look real?” I asked.

“It looked like that other video,” he replied.

“Were there kids in it?”

“Yeah, so it took a lot more slices.”  And he pounded on the controller to bring the Redskins to another win.

A wallpaper uploaded to esnips by abdul_qaddos from India who comments “Use whatever media you find to spread islam”


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